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All organizations depend on effective business relationships — between employees and customers or clients, between staff and management, and among colleagues. Senderlea Communications helps you build and maintain those relationships using non-adversarial tools for managing differences, resolving conflicts, achieving consensus, and enhancing cooperation among people in the workplace.

While our popular training workshops and developmental coaching programs continue to address the ongoing needs of your division, sometimes pressing interpersonal issues require immediate attention. For example, one of your directors or managers has to resolve a dispute that threatens team dynamics, deliver a negative performance appraisal, or get a difficult colleague to sign-off on a key project. They need help. Not next month or next week. Right now. 

In such cases, you might not have the time to help them yourself and they simply cannot afford to wait for the next available space in an upcoming professional development session. They need direct access to an expert coach who can provide the necessary tools and supports to manage specific, individual issues as they arise. A coach who understands the urgency and will deliver a two-hour personal training session within 48 hours of your request. “Right Now Coaching”.

Senderlea now offers a one-of-a-kind service that combines the considerable skills of a highly trained coach with the benefits of immediate and personalized training. My associates and I are experts in negotiation techniques, conflict resolution, and mindful communication. We bring the full power of Senderlea’s successful coaching and training programs, as well as the thriving Senderlea Exchange, to focused, one-on-one sessions with your staff right when they need it.

Retaining “Right Now Coaching” as part of your broader mentoring approach ensures that you’re providing your team with responsive, specialized, and effective tools and support that will produce immediate benefits to them and to your organization – right now.

A package of 20 two-hour individual “Right Now Coaching” sessions is $8,500 (+ HST).

For more information, contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 613-820-3913.

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