Our Training Focus

Powerful relationships are what businesses are built on—relationships between employees and customers or clients, between co-workers, between staff and management. No successful company or organization can afford to ignore the importance of interpersonal communication and effective business relationships.

But powerful relationships do not happen on their own; they must be fostered and protected. Senderlea Communications specializes in helping you build, restore and improve professional relationships.

Since organizations have different needs, and people learn and interact in different ways, we customize training programs according to the demands of your company, your participants. There is no one size fits all: we meet with you to identify the challenges you are facing and the results you'd like to see. We then design a one to three-day workshop tailored to achieve your precise results, targeted specifically to reach each individual in the group.

We promote the use of non-adversarial communication tools for managing differences, resolving conflicts, achieving consensus and enhancing cooperation among people in the workplace.

Mindful Communication, Negotiation Techniques and Conflict Resolution are the building blocks of successful interactions in business. We offer workshops to address each of these components.









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