Susan Laing - President

Founder of Senderlea Communications, Susan Laing comes from a multidisciplinary background that integrates health education, business and video communications, coaching, training and facilitation. She is an ongoing presenter with CCI Leadership Institute in Ottawa, a member of Coachville and the International Association of Facilitators and an executive coach.

Leading groups has always been Susan's forte. She has consulted with senior executives of multinational corporations, trained government managers, coached couples and their health educators in childbirth preparation, chaired organizations, such as the Ottawa Hull Film and Television Association, and hosted television talk shows.

In all her pursuits, Susan's warmth and humour make possible an environment of sharing and learning. Her unique delivery helps participants recall and apply concepts effectively. She puts extraordinary effort into ensuring that her coaching and training programs engage, entertain, and motivate clients. Her background and expertise ensure that the content and focus is specific to the situations participants encounter daily. And for these reasons, Susan's programs produce results.

A team of experts – the Senderlea Associates

Susan Laing and Senderlea Communications are supported by experts across many fields who together offer the valuable and extensive educational skills and tools that Senderlea's clients enjoy.

To maintain knowledge and expertise within her firm, Susan regularly participates in professional development activities sponsored by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and by the Organisation Development Network of Ottawa-Outaouais (ODNOO). As an Alumna of Harvard's Program on Negotiations, she has exclusive access to updates, new materials and live web-cast seminars.
Susan is also a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Sub-contracting Resources

Senderlea regularly provides some aspects of its services through sub-contracting. For our training programs, Senderlea has a consortium of three bilingual trainers who are familiar with the Harvard Methodology, a psychologist with expertise in stress management, an organizational consultant accredited in True Colors, Future Search and MBTI, and two executive coaches. We also have two certified professional facilitators specifically available for strategic planning.









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