On a Personal Note

I hosted the first Exchange in 2004 and it was enthusiastically received by the “Pioneers“.

Since then the program has grown in popularity. Evaluations have stated the profound intellectual changes and personal growth resulting from this transformative program. Several groups still meet regularly on their own. And quarterly Exchange Alumnae meetings enable all graduates to network and enlarge their Exchange circle of contacts from previous groups.

The Exchange works! Over half of The Exchange Alumnae have won competitions and earned promotions within six months of graduation. Several have advanced into the Executive cadre and are now returning to The Exchange as Contributors.

But not only have the individual Exchangers grown. To date, three government departments have recognized the value of a dedicated Senderlea Exchange for their women managers; mixing referred participants from all sectors, divisions or business lines.

These successful Exchanges have strengthened collaboration within the management team as well as started to build a critical mass of networking support within the infrastructure of the organization.

And so, I am very pleased to continue to offer The Senderlea Exchange - either as  the regular interdepartmental group or as a dedicated internal departmental initiative.

Either way, The Exchange is a proven method for women managers to maximize their personal potential while meeting their professional goals.

Susan Laing

Director, The Senderlea Exchange
















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