Exchange contributors are powerful, proven women leaders from the public and private sector. They share their experiences, observations and guidance with group participants within their varied areas of expertise. Over the past years, the following women have visited or supported The Exchange:

Chantal Bernier, Assistant Privacy Commissioner, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Janice Calnan, Author, "SHIFT" Secrets of Positive Change for Organizations and    Their Leader

Mary Carman, Commissioner of Patents, Reg of Trademarks, CEO, CIPO, Industry Canada

Chyrstia Chudzuk, DG, NRCan

Cecile Cleroux- ADM, Natural Resources Canada

Myra Conway, Executive Director, Investigations and Litigation Support Office, PWGSC                                                                                   

Mary Dohaghy, DG Public Safety

Cindy Evans, Associate Director General, Health Canada

Cheryl Fisher, Acting ADM, Service Canada

Liseanne Forand, Senior Associate Deputy Minister, HRSDC

Francine Girard- Griffith, ADM, NRCan

Helene Goulet, Deputy Director, FINTRAC-CANAFE

Kiran Hanspal, DG, NRCan

Carolyn Harrison, Director, FINIB , Health Canada

Claire Harrison, President, Cando Career Solutions Inc.

Roberta Hill, Master Certified Coach, Certified Corporate Coach

Victoria Kay, Director, Business Operations, Public Service Commission

Joan Kinnie, DG, Health Canada

Kathy Langlois

Sylvie Lapointe, President, L2 Emergence

Brigitte Lucke, DG, Health Canada

Catherine McQuarrie, ADM, HR Agriculture Canada 

Johanna Read, DG, Strategic HR, CFIA

Beth Pieterson, Director General,Health Canada

Sheridan Scott, Past Comissioner, Competition Bureau

Nada Semaan - Associate Deputy Minister, Heritage Canada

Lisette Thibault, Ombudsman, Canadian Heritage

Ann Van Dusen, Director General, Natural Resources Canada

Dawn Walker, Special Advisor, FNIP, Health Canada

Nancy Jean Waugh, DG Status of Women

Jean Wilmot, founder of Leading Insight

Wendy Watson Wright, ADM, Science, DFO







"Thanks Susan - it was a lot of fun - what a great group!" Wendy Watson Wright, ADM, DFO


"What a wonderful opportunity you provide to our current and future leaders. Well done Susan! I look forward to doing it again." Francine Girard- Griffith, ADM, NRCan


"It was a great boost for me too, Susan. Thanks for the invitation." Liseanne Forand, Associate Deputy Minister, HRSDC


"While I am a 'Contributor' to the program from time-to-time, I can easily state that I both became involved and have remained involved because of the strong positive feedback and reviews I receive from women who have signed up to the Exchange."  Mary Carman, Commissioner of Patents, Reg of Trademarks, CEO, Industry Canada


 "You are doing good work that I know will have a lasting positive impact in the public service.  I am honored to play a small part in your vision for building our future leaders."  Cheryl Fisher, DG SSSD, Public Service Commission 



 "I think your training offers a unique forum for exchange and learning."  Chantal Bernier, Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Safety Canada








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