The Senderlea Exchange

A transformative learning experience for women leaders

The Senderlea Exchange brings women managers together in a supportive environment to foster personal and professional development through "transformative learning".

It is designed to empower women managers to become the best leaders they can be by drawing on each other’s strengths, experiences and collective confidence. In a proven method, which encourages managers to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, share experiences and pass on knowledge about effective management and leadership, women learn to find solutions to their individual and common problems.

Therefore, the Senderlea Exchange is not a “how to” program, but rather an opportunity for personal reflection, intimate discussion and a chance to explore values, purpose, human connection and the deeper philosophical basis that connects them.

Participants are guided through exercises to examine their management style and, more importantly, to gain an understanding of their personal beliefs, preconceptions, myths and assumptions that may influence their decision–making, leadership and management approach.

In this way, the Exchange enables leaders to maximize their personal potential while meeting their professional goals.

Additionally, the experience provides participants with a valuable opportunity to network with peers and influential leaders, including the powerful women on Senderlea’s Board of Contributors.

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